Our Mission

The mission of Mindful U, LLC is to teach secular, developmentally appropriate, research-based yoga and mindfulness programs that create community and organizational cultures in which adults and children incorporate mindfulness and yoga practices into their lives to improve their emotional resilience, self-regulation, focus, and decision making and to strengthen their relationships.

Our Program

The Mindful U program is based on YogaKids and Paws B, which are both widely-used, secular, research-based curricula for teaching children yoga and mindfulness using playful, interactive activities.  The program’s lessons are taught in 6 sessions, each lasting 45-50 minutes.  Each lesson begins with yoga-based movements, which ground children’s bodies and focus their attention to prepare their minds to practice mindfulness.

The program also includes:

  • A parent in-service

  • A teacher in-service

  • Weekly 15 minute mindfulness sessions for teachers

Mindful U has partnered with the following schools:

  • Covenant Christian School
  • Darden Primary School
  • Good Shepherd Montessori School
  • Prairie Vista Elementary
  • St. Pius X Catholic School
  • Stanley Clark School
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Mindful U was founded by Mindi Dugard, RN, RYT and Rachael von Eschenbach, MS CCC-SLP, RYT. Mindi has been a practicing registered nurse for 20 years and is a registered yoga teacher who specializes in children’s yoga. Rachael has been a licensed pediatric speech language pathologist for 23 years and is a registered yoga teacher who is certified in children’s mindfulness.

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