Our Mission

The mission of Mindful U, LLC is to teach secular, developmentally appropriate, research-based yoga and mindfulness programs that create community and organizational cultures in which adults and children incorporate mindfulness and yoga practices into their lives to improve their emotional resilience, self-regulation, focus, and decision making and to strengthen their relationships.

6 Week Program In Schools

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Community Offerings

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Workshops and Events

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About Us

Mindful U was founded by Mindi Dugard, RN, RYT and Rachael von Eschenbach, MS CCC-SLP, RYT. Mindi has been a practicing registered nurse for 20 years and is a registered yoga teacher who specializes in children’s yoga. Rachael has been a licensed pediatric speech language pathologist for 23 years and is a registered yoga teacher who is certified in children’s mindfulness.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It


84% of teachers rated our program extremely enjoyable


100% of teachers who completed our program with their students say they would recommend it to other teachers


100% of teachers who completed the program said they saw improvements in their students in 3 or more of the areas targeted by our program

What Students Are Saying

“I was worried at test time and so I did my breathing and then I felt really concentrated”
Julie, Kindergartener
“When I was playing with my cousin, he punched me and I got mad, so I pulled out my [imaginary] spinning wheel and closed my eyes and [blew] on it.”
Sanai, 2nd Grader

What Teachers Are Saying

“I would highly recommend the Mindful U program to other teachers! The lessons taught are easy for students to remember and use. The weekly review helped them use the breathing consistently and incorporate it into daily life.”
Deb, 2nd Grade Teacher
I am a person who is loud and am always on the go. This Mindful U practice has really helped me at school with my students and my personal life.  Not saying I am more calm, quiet, and go with the flow now but more thinking instead of just acting
Sara, Kindergarden Teacher